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    I've had folks ask me, "Dubb, when are you gonna' record the stories of your time with the old bluesmen you came up with?" Well, it's finally gonna' happen and I want to invite you long time friends and fans in and around Southern California to join me on "Dubb's Front Porch" on May 27 at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro CA. We'll be filming two shows with the same stories on that night. We're only seating 35 folks for each show


    The ticket price is $35.


    At the end of each show there'll be a group photo - so wear something you'd like to be seen in and don't bring nobody you don't want to be seen with! Now just so you know - my stories are an oral history of my time with those bluesmen.

    So I'm going to tell them like I know them or how I heard them. This means there could be some language that might offend some folks.  So, if that type of language would offend you, I suggest you let this one slide by. But if you wouldn't be offended by some, let's say colorful language, I believe you'll be entertained and learn about a life and musicians we'll never see again.


    Now some of you maybe thinking "Is that really Dubb's porch?". Heck no, that's the porch of the juke joint Ernest Banks played in Toano VA. Somehow my current porch in Lomita just didn't have the same feel...



    The 9:15 PM Show is sold out!

    Just 6 tickets remaining for the 7 PM Show


               7:00 PM TICKETS


    Now some photos from my archives of a few of the bluesmen the stories will be about:

    I'll look for you on Dubb's Front Porch!
  • Here's the DUBB-LETTER for April 2016...

    Photo by Jeff Fasano





    Dubb up for  3 Blues Music Awards Nominations for 2016!

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    I love this photo by Jacki Sackheim. She caught the joy of playing a National Reso-Phonic Guitar. The shot was taken at The NAMM Show in January. By the way, that Triolian I was playing... sounded great!

    But you coulda' guessed that right?


    Thanks  for the photo Jacki!

    Well, now for some April

    Dubb-Letter news.


    In the works is a CD of a solo live recording I did for the Blues In Me DVD on Black and Tan. Black and Tan has already released a Download Only audio Iversion titled Doug MacLeod- Live in Europe.  Click on the cover shot below and it'll take you to the iTunes link.

    The actual CD will be released very soon. We are working on it now. I'll have it with me at all my shows We'll have it available on the Signature Store and of course at many major retail outlets.


    So we're gonna invite you to stay tuned!

    I'm looking forward to returning to Finland in April. I'll enjoy seeing my friend Pertti Nurmmi and his lady Lisa and be in the presence of some great blues fans. Not to mention the beer, the saunas, the sausages, and that clear liquid they got there that they tell me is good for  a whole lot of me. Where' I'm from , I'll be looking for bubbles if you know what I mean?


    Acoustic Artist

    of The Year

    Acoustic Album

    Exactly Like This

    Song “You Got It Good (and

    That Ain’t Bad)” written and

    performed by Doug MacLeod

    3 Blues

    Music Awards


    for 2016

  • 'EXACTLY LIKE THIS' One of The Year's Best Albums - DOWNBEAT Magazine

    'Exactly Like This' one of The Year's

    Best Albums-Downbeat Magazine

    Active since the mid-1980s and with about two dozen entries in his discography, Doug MacLeod sets up camp in a rare niche of storytelling bluesman that are attuned to the textures and rhythms of life.  On this excursion, the wry Californian's distinctive singing voice and straight-talking guitar comment on a "rough-and-tumble" woman, staying true to oneself, the road back home, the splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains and more. Subtle and firm support is supplied by seasoned pros Mike Thompson on piano, Denny Croy on bass and Jim Botti on drums.

    Reference 135; 55:44

    Ordering info : www.referencerecordings.com

  • ‘Exactly Like This’ # 14 on The Living Blues Radio Chart Top 50 Albums of 2015



    # 14 on The Living Blues Radio

    Chart Top 50 Albums of 2015.

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"Like all great blues men, MacLeod

lives his music, and the songs are not just

on the tips of his fingers and tongue,

they are one with his being.

- Blues Music Magazine

"Probably the greatest living representative of the acoustic blues.”

- Heaven Magazine, The Netherlands