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LIVE IN EUROPE # 2 on The Roots Music Report


"A positively excellent album, a must for all lovers of the genre.

Don’t let this one slip away."


- Iain Patience, Elmore

  NYC USA Today

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    A fella and gal fall in love and it just keeps getting better. Know why? He knows the secret. You see any man can be romantic with his lady before he makes love. The secret is you got to be romantic after you make love. And I’m telling you that with authority!


    Whew. Years ago I had a lady that had a burning desire to inflict some very serious and deeply personal damage to a very important part of my personal being. She was rough and she knew how to handle a knife. Scary woman. Well, one night before my set at the old Folk Ghetto in Norfolk VA, this musician could see me shaking. He asked what was wrong. I told him.


    Then he took out what looked like a chicken bone with stripes on it. I said, ’What am I gonna do with that?’ “Rub it and make a wish”. I thought he was some kinda’ drugged out hippie fool, but I was so scared I said what the hell. I wished I’d never see her again.


    Well I opened the door to do my set and there she was. She had just been waiting on me to come out of the dressing room. When I saw her I said to myself,  “Yeah rub on some damn fool hippie’s chicken bone!”  Then she said to me ‘Mother F<*#> r, I don’t never want to see you again.


    Then she stormed out!  Next weekend I drove up to Toano VA to see my first mentor Ernest Banks. I told him the story. He said, “Boy you was in the presence of a black cat bone. You know how they make it?” I said, “No.” After he told me I said that sounds more scary than her. He smiled and said, “Son, best leave that stuff alone-ain’t none of yours.”


    I just started to play this that night It was a feeling that just came to me. After about 30 seconds I said to myself ’What song is this gonna’ be?  After a few more notes it became Ain’t The Blues Evil.


    So I decided to hop on the song for the ride and see where it took me.


    Like I say, “If you can’t get home cookin’ in your own home, you will go to someone else’s home to get you some. Now that doesn’t make for a good for a relationship, but it makes for a good blues song.”


    The original was called ‘The Panama Limited’. This is my version born from two classics that proceeded. Booker ( or Bukka ) White’s version and Tom Rush’s version.


    I guess what happened was that those two versions spoke to me so deeply that I realized I had the same kinda story in my life. I couldn’t write a better one, wouldn’t even want to try, So with thanks and respect to Mr White and Mr Rush, this is Dubb’s version.


    People unhappy together. Don’t fit together anymore. Share the same bed but one sleeps towards the closet the other towards the window.


    Each want the other to reach over and say I’m sorry. But foolish unfounded pride prevents that. That’s when a cold rain can commence to fall.


    As you walk your road/life you’ll see that some people have joined you and left. Some have joined you and are still with you. Some have left and come back. When you reach mountain tops on your journey you can see where you’ve been and maybe a glimpse of where you’re going.


    And because you are on that mountain top you realize that only one person has always been on that road the whole time. You. To some that’s scary. To others, oh it could be scary too, but they like the fact that they are responsible for their long time road. So they continue the adventure.


    I like big bone women. Just more to love. That’s it.


    I wrote this with Danny Jesser. I couldn’t find the words to half of the third verse. Sent the song to Danny.


    A day later we had it. This songs speaks of love, truth, tolerance, kindness, and such. Stuff I think we could use a whole lot more of now a days.

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